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I have had a love affair with animals since a small child, walking my neighbor’s dogs and walking to the Sunset stables as horses have always been close to my heart. To capture my subjects’ facial expressions and reach into those eyes, the soul of all my subjects is what I strive to capture. I recently started drawing human portraits and adding humans to animal portraits, you have got to keep fresh ideas flowing. My favorite medium is Graphite Pencil, Charcoal and Watercolor.

AND PETS!” Joette Snyder

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Passionate wildlife artist and dedicated to preserve the beauty of our wild animals. Watercolor is fairly new and exciting for me, as pencil and charcoal is a relaxing medium for me. To capture the facial expression of a clients pet or wildlife is the ultimate goal. I hope to capture the beauty of all living things. I am just happy to be back in Los Angeles after nine years in Oregon running a Cafe Coffee House. But the wildlife was incredible to draw upon.

Joette Snyder was born in Los Angeles in 1948 and lives and works in West Hills where she joined the San Fernando Artist Club, and is now a volunteer Co-Treasurer. Her formal training started as a commercial artist in Los Angeles, before computers she illustrated products, designed logos, and designed ads for clients. Finishing her training in Fine Art at Otis College of Art and Design, Pasadena City College, and El Camino Community College all located in California. She is dedicated to giving 15% of profit from her art to Defenders of Wildlife, Saving America’s Mustangs, or The Mountain Lion Foundation.


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