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AND PETS!” Joette Snyder

Best in Show Awarded to artist Joette Snyder

Best In Show San Fernando Valley Art Show Fall 2010

Born with the call of the wild, I truly feel this is me; I was just born in Los Angeles and grew up here, a true Angelino. As long as I can remember drawing has brought me close to the wildlife I love. Riding horses, walking the neighbor’s dog and helping her feed her parakeets; you just couldn’t keep me away from animals.

With every hike or drive I see beauty and a new art project, that is the creative mind. Always striving to improve my skills and expand my subject matter. Facial expressions, reaching into those eyes, the soul of all my subjects is what I strive to capture. The control you get with Graphite or Charcoal plus all the values, shading that are achieved is amazing. I am a control freak when it comes to my art which is a big plus for my clients. Watercolor, a challenging medium but when you capture that perfect wash that’s exciting!

Getting back to the “Call of the Wild”, for an eight year period I lived in Yachats, Oregon, a beautiful place for a nature lover, many wonderful hikes with my dog giving much inspiration. Dedicated to preserving wild places for Our Wildlife I give a donation to Dog, Cat or Horse Rescue Foundations from the sale of my “Print on Demand” Gallery. Passionate wildlife artist, dedicated to preserve the beauty of our wild animals. For my Commissioned Clients I offer Pet Portraits, with or without a family member and human portraits in Graphite Pencil or Charcoal.