About Joette

I have had a love affair with animals since a small child, walking my neighbor’s dogs and walking to the Sunset stables as horses have always been close to my heart. To capture my subjects’ facial expressions and reach into those eyes, the soul of all my subjects is what to achieve. Now drawing people and adding humans to animal portraits is my new adventure in art. My favorite medium is Graphite Pencil and Charcoal. I was raised in Los Angeles, drawing horses and dogs from about the age of five. I studied art and design in college and was a commercial artist for fifteen years. My favorite vacation places are the National parks; they are places to be close to nature. For nine years, I lived in the Pacific Northwest close to the habitat of many of these beautiful creatures. I returned to Los Angeles in 2008 where I can be a full time artist, and enjoy The San Fernando Valley Art Club where I was Treasure for three years. My philosophy is — everyone has a talent follow yours.